g. If you add the financial investment, the total would reach 41 billion dollars, he added. The OECD Secretary-General said that South America is at the forefront of trade integrat.

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crisis will have to be based on efficient action to deal with the Greek rescue measures, including forgiveness of its 140-billion-dollar debt and a contribution from the European .

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cause police are not enforcing the law, according to the Times. They narrowed the law signed last week by Governor Jan Brewer in hopes of quelling a national outrage over suggesti.

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risoner, facing terrorism charges in India and being attacked at a jail in Indian- controlled Kashmir last week, died of his injuries at a government hospital Thursday, doctors s.

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ring Chile. The 2,240-meter-high Puyehue volcano, located just west of the Chilean-Argentine border, began erupting Saturday, sending a six-mile-high (10-km-high) cloud of ash eve.

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said he was the one who called for a full investigation into the matter and assured that no proof of his involvement would be found. "I told the president that there is not and th .

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d, a fellow-psychology graduate student at the University of Denver, was sitting a few feet away. "I looked at Craig's face...it was covered in blood," Amanda's voice cracked, "Wh.

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ead of the National Anti-Narcotics Directorate Gen. Juan Barragan said Wednesday. Speaking to local radio station Fm Mundo, he said that the figure already surpassed the total amo.

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in Washington., D.C., the United States. It currently has 35 member states of the Americas, including Haiti. WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Organization of American States (.

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