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billion U.S. dollars to help finance Venezuela's housing complexes. In 2010, trade between Brazil and Venezuela reached 4.6 billion dollars, largely favorable for Brazil, which ex


ential, cut short," read an article posted on Boston University's website that mourned Lu's death. Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday expressed sorrow for Lu and instructed .


e U.S.Full story China opposes planned Obama-Dalai meeting BEIJING, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- China on Wednesday expressed firm opposition to the planned meeting between U.S. President Ba.


port, the Philippine Coast Gard (PCG) central Visayas immediately dispatched search and rescue a vessel to search the missing. Dead victims have been brought to Cebu city for ident.


t about his knowledge of the B777 autoflight system just prior to the accident, " the report said. "He stated he was not so confident because he felt he should study more." The tra.

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many of them members of the so-called Blue Dog Coalition in the House of Representatives, a caucus of conservative members of the Democratic party, which favors financial discret.

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ichard M. Daley, the longest-serving mayor of the city for 22 years, and will inherit from him a modern metropolis, dubbed as one of the greenest cities in the world, but which al.

e court accept the plea agreement as a reasonable product of extensive and vigorous negotiations and careful analyses of the relevant issues," it said. The memo was filed as relati.

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